maandag 13 juni 2016

your streets (English)

your streets
are the wrinkles
on your skin
that my fingertips
were made for

the doors
on each side of the road
and pavements I feel
touching the endings
of my limbs

unrecognized by me

always there
as the keepers of secrets
I’m unable to read between
the lines that shift

the nude architecture
of you from random city view
to a never spoken body
I’m learning to speak

to understand
to get used to
in a daily routine
every single time I’m
trying to reach

I believe defines
the essence that makes you
you that makes me
want more of your dreams

with subtle silent whispers
sliding just around the corners
and curves and clouds
you’re covered in

your streets
turn me into one of many
vampires cursed and blessed
with an urge to manifest fangs
to make you bleed

to get drunk on life
to give you some back
to make you grow higher
than the skies I’ll grab when I
look up to you without a

to leave
your landmarks and face
I only want to paint in words with
the tongue and lips I use to say ‘hi’


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