vrijdag 6 juli 2012

Dear Carmen (goodbye letter by Don Giovanni)

For the Dutch original, click here.

Female voices-
I hear them saying while singing
That in reality
They are Sirens,
Created to
Tempt me
To shipwreck, I
The falling bird
Who rebelliously should
Indulge in freedom.

Female voices-
During this final
I only hear them crow
And call for attention,
I only hear
Black doves- white ravens
Who thanks to my hubris
Placed me at the brink of
The abyss.

Female voices,
Dear Carmen,
Are the daggers- beware!-
Which will kill us-
Carmen-like they attract
In a corrupted way, only to
Stab us down
And to escape it
Is hope already

Dear Carmen,
My final words
Contain the realization
Of us only loving Death-
Hear Death sing falsely,
Loudly announcing disaster,
As if a thief devouring
Death follows me,
Eating love for breakfast
Without something
To drink, blood maybe.

Dear Carmen,
Our game with other people’s
Shall be avenged on you and me,
Will burn us bleeding-
Also no word nor sword
Could save us,
Only then
White doves can for us weep
High above,
Before landing freely.

Hearts of men,
Dear Carmen,
Are after all faster
Blacked because of
The blind hunt for lust-
The legacy of Casanova,
Which will infect
Every man, every fool

Hearts of men-
The considering concluded:
Every woman can
Be fallen for,
But with ‘sufficient love’
All is put to words
Way too soft-
We can’t do less
Than fully destruct,
Regretfully, I too
Am marked.

Hearts of men-
Hear them saying while singing
That in reality
They are divine
Sons of Ares,
Toreadors just to
Please you
With their strikes of pain, I
The struck-down bull
Who has to celebrate freedom
During his fall to the ground.

A regretful farewell
Yet with love, yours sincerely,

Don Giovanni.


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